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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hey peeps ! It's been a long long time since i updated this dead blog.
And the last time was 24th October 2008, ALL of the updates after that makes no senses.

Ahemm ahemm...
Bro came back from Singapore for holiday last sunday.

Never ending of chats and laughs. xD
Went to breakfast on monday morning for char kuey teow and also to discuss his plans.
Only me, dad and bro went tho.
They decided to go Pulau Ketam to get some seafood for the BBQ on Tuesday night.

So tuesday, we left the house early morning and head to Klang for Bak Kut Tehhh before leaving to Pulau Ketam.

Missed the boat, so waited for the next one, OWW MAN C'MON !


Leaving Klang...

Reached Pulau Ketam !

Went to rent the bicycles.

3 bicycles, 6 peoples. *The guy in pink didnt cycled, just posing :b :b

Getting drinks before teh long ride.

Tooked by me as my bro was leading :b

Reached a temple and we rested there awhile.
The bicycle is does not have gear, heavy... and heck, those that cycled still had to fetch another person. So you should understand how tiring it was. D:


And we saw a HUGE mudkip ! xD

Let's move on ~ !

Nothing special ?

NOPE ! The GOD must be laughing away cos my dad bangs his bicycle towards the gas tanks after missing the corner... right beside the temple ! And everyone laughs, including some random passer-by.

It happened again not long later...

Sugoihhhhhhhhhhhhh !

This poor lil pink dude here and the bicycle crashed to a bread stall after my dad jumped out from the bicycle... And why did my dad did so ?

Nope not the Juicy Fruits, nor the toys && fans. But the LOTTERY TICKET ! o.o

Continue after he bought his tickets.

Reached the end and we rested there.
The 3 models ! Im the cameraman, so sad :(

And my dad talked to some children there.

Looks alike right ?

Head back to return the bicycles, had cold drinks and went back.
We didn't get to buy any seafood as we're too late. All sold out :(
So bros went carrefour to get chicken wings and stuffs.


Bro and his Kawasaki !

Eldest bro && his girlf starting up and stuffs.

Few of the main chefs :b
Eldest bro not in the pic, he was busy doing other stuffs.
I did BBQ but...
All the chicken that i BBQ-ed went black D:

Yoooo !

:D :D


Going Cameron Highlands early in the morning tmr !
Lazy to blog about it, you guys can go view my bro's blog ! :D

Ciaos !

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ahhhhhh... it's been a long time since i've blog
School starting tmrw , great.
Seriously i got nth to blog about...

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Im here selling SMALL && CUTE keychain rubik cubes ! :D
great for b'day presents or christmas gift !
so ,
anyone wanna share and buy with me ?
its 5 for rm20 which means each for RM4 only !
limited stock only .
so those who are interested , pls leave yr name !
place yr orders now ! ;DD

p/s : the colour on the rubik cube is painted , not those stickers tht are easily peeled off.

thanks .

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Monday, November 24, 2008

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Click here for the kfc advertisement!

Check out the kfc advertisement thr ! ;DD
cant upload the vid here =/

thats all , BYE ! :)
comment my vid yeaaaaaa

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Gordon , Simon && Me ! :D

hello ppls !
ahh long time nvr update ad .
have to update nw laa cos many ppl ask me to update :b .
hahah kidding kidding !

hmmmh , ill be appearing in kfc's tvc !
promoting their new product.... KFC Hot Rods ! xD
its just like a satay , with normal KFC hot && spicy chicken .

went for shooting last monday .
reached Superwonderful Production House about 5.15am !
left the place to kota damansara KFC .
at breakfast thr . change clothes and had some make up on blablabla...
and im wearing GIRL'S clothes fyi :b

Stars with their outfits.

Wardrobe director, make up artist, Anis, Eugene, me & assistant make up artist.

Had three scenes thr then head to putrajaya .

On the way thr.

Shot the rest of the scenes in front of a vacant building at Putrajaya. Here starts our tiring day.
my bro is the 1st one !
the director asked him to shuffle harder , with the chicken in his mouth . will make his face like... :b
after tht he has to jump fr 25 times =/
high && happy ! xD

Director with shades . Simon with cap . :)

My secksayy bro during his break . :Pp

then after tht it was Me && Nas's turn .
we have to do the same thing .
but jump fr 20 times nie :D
but well i jump till halfway then stop
cos too tired . HAHAHHA .
Eugene only have to jump 5 times fr his shots D:

have to look at my bro when shuffling :D

Me , Nas , Mei Ling && Anis

Cameraman, director, some fella plus fella in charge of camera.

Remember the fella in the U mobile TVC ?
the one selling grapes ?
he's a friendly person also :)
and he shuffles :b
meet Frankston

Frankston :D

shooting ends around 8
had dinner thr then went back superwonderful
reach home arnd 11 =/


Overall, it was a great experience but a tiring one.
I would like to thank Simon the Casting Director for choosing me for this commercial, Makeup artist for helping wiping my sweat && bringing water xD . Rhyne the wardrobe director for her jokes ! and those who helped me ! :)


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